Technically Intentionally

An aspiring developer's journey for a minimal life.


Hi, I am Jeewoong "Skaliq" Chang, an undergraduate computer science major in the University of Rochester.

This website is built on the principle that no code is faster than no code. It is written in plain html and hosted on Github Pages. No fancy styling nor animations. Fast, minimal, responsive, easy to maintain.

I write about a wide range of interests spanning technology, biological sciences, media criticism, and simple, intentional living. The archives page is a collection of my blog posts. The projects page features my larger, typically more academic, pursuits.

Newest Post

The Beauty in Mediocrity

Jun-ho endures physical abuse in the film, Fourth Place

As someone who has academically excelled since a young age, the most difficult transition in college has been an acceptance in my mediocrity.


Inspired by Derek Siver's "now" page, here are the essential things I am doing now.

  1. Schoolwork, which consists of introductory computer science and biology classes, and a history elective.
  2. Having some fun and talk about life with my SO and friends.
  3. Calling my mom every day.
  4. Reading a lot, taking long walks, and living mindfully.
  5. Writing for this blog.

Boring Stuff

While it's extraneously difficult to imagine someone stealing my content, just in case if you want to: do whatever you want. Pleast just site your source.